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Can I bring outside food and drinks to the Park?

Apart from infants and expecting mothers, guests are not allowed to bring outside food and beverages into the park.

Is the Theme Park open during the monsoon?

Yes, the Theme Park is open and functional all year round. However, the Park may keep some of the outdoor rides non-operational for safety purposes.

What kind of food is available at the park?

Multiple food stalls at the park serve various cuisines. View Food details

Are there any personal items that may not be permitted to bring into the park?

View Rules and Regulations to know more about restricted items

Are there any new shows in the near future?

Yes, at periodic intervals, new shows will be added to the range of existing rides.

What attractions might be closed during my visit?

Depending on the weather, a few rides may be closed for your safety.

Up to what age is the entry free at Mythical Park?

We offer free entry for children aged below 5 years.

How long does it take to see the entire Mythical Park?

It will take around 4 to 5 hours to enjoy the park to the fullest.

Are pets allowed at the Theme Park?

Animals are not allowed in the Park, with the exception of service animals used by the hearing and visually impaired.

Do you have a Medical Center in the Park?

Yes, we have a Medical Centre in the Park. Speak with staff to locate the facility.

Is Wi-Fi service available at the Park?

Currently, we do not have any Wi-Fi facility inside the Park.

Can I bring my camera to the Park?

Guests can bring their personal cameras for leisure photography.

Where is the information desk located?

At the entrance itself in the Arrival Plaza.

Is alcohol served at the Park?

No, alcohol is not served at the Park as of yet. Park regulation prohibits alcohol brought from outside.

Are prices inclusive or exclusive of taxes?

Taxes and fees will be added where applicable.

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